Frequently Ask Questions

Q: “How do the EuroTan Accelerators work?”

A: The Sun full UV spectrum or a Tanning Bed’s UV-A will turn your natural Melanin into a tan. As more melanin is activated by the rays, as darker the tan. Your melanin is below the skin and needs time to reach the surface for tanning and sometimes do not come to the surface. EuroTan accelerators have special ingredients that help the maximum amount of your own melanin to reach the skin’s surface for tanning quickly. EuroTan works on contact and does not need to be applied hours in advance as other products. Depending on your skin type and the amount of melanin available, tanning starts as soon as UVA reaches the skin. Only EuroTan can actually help you to go beyond your tanning plateau. That’s the European secret!

Q: “How do I use EuroTan Accelerators?”

A: When using a tanning bed, just apply in the tanning room before exposure. No need to apply hours in advance like with other products. When going into the sun, apply and wait a short time (see next question) before applying your regular Sun Protection. (SPF 15 or higher)

Q: “What is the Sun Exposure time when I use EuroTan outdoors?”

A: That time depends on several factors:

What is your skin type… (are you fair or dark skinned?),

What is the sun intensity… (shade or no shade?),
What is time of day… (noon or evenings?)
Is your skin is pre conditioned to the sun… (is this your first day in the sun or did you just come back from a sun vacation?)
There is no magic time, but on the average you should apply a SPF of 15 or higher after about 10 to 20 minutes of exposure with EuroTanAccelerators.

Q: “Do I need to apply Sun Protection?”

A: In a short word: YES. EuroTan helps you to get the maximum tan in the shortest time. Therefore, our products do not have any sun protection. If you are using EuroTan outside with you must apply an SPF after the initial exposure. (see above question)  When using a tanning bed, you exposure is limited by the timer. However it is always recommended to use a moisturizer with an SPF after your tanning session.

Q: “I am used to buy EuroTan at my local drugstore or hypermarket for years. Why can I not find EuroTan anymore in my neighborhood stores?”

A: Retail stores have increased the cost for placement on their shelves. We had a choice of either raising the prices or to lower our cost by cutting quality. None of these choices are acceptable to us.  Therefore we switched to a ‘customer direct’ approach and offer our products ONLY on line. The advantage for you: Same high quality products without a price increase!

Q: “My Tanning Salon does not want me to bring in Eurotan. They say it will "damage the acrylic.”

A: EuroTan is safe for all tanning beds and all acrylics.Our products do not contain any oils and has no ingredients which will damage acrylics or other surfaces. Keep in mind that the Salon Owner does not make large profits on your tanning session but on the Lotions they sell you at a huge mark-up. Bringing in your own lotion takes profits away and is, understandably, discouraged by the operators. It is not a ‘safety’ issue it’s a ‘profit’ issue - and you are the smart shopper here.

Q: “Do you ship overseas?”

A: No, we only ship inside the continental United States

Q: “Can I order over the phone?”  

A: Yes you can. We are happy to take your order over the phone, but using this option will delay the processing by 5 to 7 days. If you order via our secure shopping card we ship most orders the next business day. To order by phone, please email us your phone number and a good time to call you back. We do not have a phone center. 

Q: “Can I pay with my personal check?”

A: Besides all major credit cards PayPal also accept checks on line. No need to mail us your check. Just enter the info from your personal check at check-out and your products will be on the way as soon as your check clears.

Q: “Is it safe you enter my credit card information on your site?”

A: Don't worry, our Website and Shopping Cart have all necessary SSL certifications providing the most secure gateway available.

Q: “Is my satisfaction guaranteed?” 

A: Yes, your satisfaction is very important to us and guaranteed. Should you not be happy for any reason simply return the product within 10 days of invoice date, postage paid, to our customer service center at 5215 Yoakum Street,  Houston, TX 77006 and we cheerfully refund the full product cost less postage.

Q: "How can I purchase an item with a credit card through PayPal?"

When you're ready to check out, choose PayPal as your payment method. You'll notice the credit card logos next to the PayPal logo because credit card payments can also be processed through PayPal.
To proceed, click the Check out with PayPal button. You'll be taken to a secure page on PayPal.