EuroTan 'Combo Pack'
Combo of Lotions and Sprays plus Tanning Mist, 5 bottles.

SAVE 30% with this combination of 4 bottles of our Dark Optimizer Tanning line, plus our famous Tanning Mist. Take one to the beach and the other to the Tanning Salon. 
Tip: Use the Lotion daily to moisturize and accelerate, use the Spray to refresh and accelerate.
Great Skin Care for less! Plus our Tanning mist for a 'Tan On The Go"

Includes 3 different products.
2 bottles of Optimizer Dark Tanning Spray
2 bottles of Optimizer Dark Tanning Lotion
1 bottle of our famous Tanning Mist

You get all 5 bottles and goggles for only $44.95
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           Regular $64.70
           NOW ONLY $$44.95 (Savings of over 30%)

EuroTan 'Ultimate Variety Pack' 

4 different Accelerators plus Tanning Mist - 6 bottles plus Extras

Not sure which EuroTan is getting you the darkest? 
Can't decide between Lotion or Spray? 
Here is the NEW Variety Pack from EuroTan saving you over $25.00. Plus you get a pair of goggles,Tan-Tattoos and a real silver Toe-Ring

Includes 5 different products:
1 bottle of Original Accelerator Spray
1 bottle of Optimizer Cobalt Lotion
2 bottles of Optimizer Cobalt Spray
1 bottle of EuroTan Oil-Free Whipped Lotion
1 bottle of EuroTan Tanning Mist Spray

A GREAT DEAL! Even better: Add a Combo Pack and shipping is FREE!

          Regular $79.70

           NOW ONLY $$54.50 (Save over 30%!)

EuroTan 'Seven Pack'
Buy 6 of any one product and receive ONE FREE BOTTLE
Plus get a special bonus: A genuine Silver Toe ring, Sun Stickers and Tattoos (a $10.00 value).